Professional Escort Web Hosting Services

Escorts and escort agencies with great looking websites can attract more customers through the web hosting services of Escort Web Design.

Whether you are an individual or an agency, we will make our reliable, secure, and cost effective services available to you. You may opt for a virtual hosting where you use a shared server, or a dedicated hosting where your site will be on your own server. We include Linux, Unix, and Windows solutions on our hosting options; and we will work with you directly for a kind of hosting that is second to none. High quality clientele would not be interested to browse websites that look cheap or free. They want to see escorting sites that are greatly constructed and hosted.

Our service is fast and we have put in place security measures for the protection of your site.

Web Hosting FAQs

Custom designed websites are built from scratch and made according to your specifications. It means that you choose what to use when it comes to fonts, colors, layout and graphical elements.

A custom designed website will undergo the initial stages of designing, revisions, if needed, according to your feedbacks, the development stage and final testing. Therefore, we may have to wait at least 1 to 2weeks before it can be launched. The template design websites are easier to create because of the already developed layout codes.

Development of custom designed websites takes longer due to the preparations that need to be done prior to creation. If you have an immediate need for a website, you can opt for our template designs. Make it unique by using some of our standard customization tools.

You will get unlimited revisions, but if the development process takes longer than the 50 hours allotted time, you will be billed for the extra time at $25/hour

We need your high quality photos before we start developing your custom designed website. These are very important in creating custom-based graphics and we will ensure that your site has a professional and elite appearance. We also have photo enhancement services that you can use.

We do accept payment by Credit Card (Visa, MasterCard), Western Union, Bank Transfer and PayPal.

We require 50% deposit before to start. The balance payment is due when your site is complete.

Yes. If you prefer not to update your own website, we can do it for you. We offer website maintenance at a very reasonable rate. Most updates are completed within 1-2 business days of your request.

Web hosting is the uploading of your website to a server that is in-turn connected to the internet. Every website owner needs web hosting, as it allows every surfer to see and access your website. Even if you have the best website, if it is not connected to a server, it will not be seen by everyone else.

Domain name is primarily used to identify a web address and it is also used to access your website. Hosting is a type of service that houses and maintains your website files. The two should not be used interchangeably.

Yes, you can. We will just make a simple DNS change from where you purchased the domain and then point it to our server. It is easy to do it, but if you would prefer that we will be happy to do it for you.

Sorry, but no. You can’t have admin access if we do the registration for you, because the domain will be in the Domain Registrar account owned by us. To have control over your domain, you will need to register under your very own name and have your own account.

Of course; your site can be transferred to our server and we are willing to help you do it.

Oh, well. You could have as many addresses as you would like to have.

A hosting account includes: Storage space

  • → 5 GB Monthly bandwidth
  • → 25GB Databases
  • → Max 5 MySQL E-Mail Accounts
  • → No Limit For advance users
  • → FTP Visitor statistics Hosting control panel , cPanel